Pesach in Cornwall

After over two years in the wilderness, we are breaking free from the shackles of the pandemic and emerging step by step into freedom. Pesach this year will be doubly sweet, a reminder of the emergence from slavery, and a return to a life which we are freer to enjoy, while remembering our responsibility to use our freedom to make the world a better place. 

The first night of Pesach will be on Friday 15h April and we will be celebrating it in traditional style. There will be the familiar story, given new life by the reading of our Deputy Chair Adam Feldman, together with Murray Brown and with contributions from other members. We will have the traditional seder plate, and a wonderful buffet organised by Anne and David Hearle and lovingly cooked and prepared by some of the talented chefs of the community. 

Our seder is a wonderful occasion for both children and adults. Who will find the afikomen this year? If you are to be in Cornwall for Pesach this year, you may wish to join us, in which case please email .  Please note, however, that available places will be limited.

Looking for food for Pesach? There are several suppliers, but many people use Sabeny. Visit their website, or email them for their food list, or call them on 203 6973410.