While we have been in the desert for some time now, this is only the second week in the book of the desert. The common image of the desert,  or wilderness, is of somewhere formless, without clear contours, without regularity. Yet both the first two parshas contain passages of almost rigid uniformity, each reflecting the other. B’minbar starts with the census, first painstakingly enumerating the representative of each tribe and then giving the tally, tribe by tribe, in exactly the same language twelve times (Joseph being divided, of course, into Ephraim and Manasseh, while Levi is not included, at least not for now). The tribes are then divided, again uniformly, and allocated to the east, south, west and north, with the Levites in the centre, headed at the east, by Moses and Aaron. Then we have the census of the Levites, divided neatly among Gershon, Kehoth and Merari, the sons of Levi. B’midbar ends and Naso begins with the duties of each sub-tribe. 

There are other subjects in Naso, specifically purifying the camp, the suspected adulteress, the Nazirite and the beautiful priestly blessing. The parsha concludes, however, as a kind of reflection of the beginning of the previous parsha, this time enumerating the dedication offerings presented by the head of each tribe. Again, there is an exact repetition, although the order is slightly different. It does not exactly make for entertaining reading, but an important point is being made. Each tribe makes the same offering: silver bowl, silver basin filled with the best wheat and kneaded with oil, incense bowl filled with incense, bull, ram, sheep, goat, oxen, rams, more goats, more sheep – the same things in the same quantities. We learn by this that we all count, we all give, and we all respond to God’s call. And the Israelites are first taught this not while living in the relative harmony and order of a city, not even yet in a country. They learn it while living in an untamed, uncertain place to which, as passing nomads, they do not belong.

Come along this Saturday at 10:30, to pray, sing, read, learn more and to share. Adam, who will have been wandering all week with his student followers, will be home to lead us. 

Shabbat with the Jacobs

Members of Kehillat Kernow welcomed members of their extended family, Hannah and David Jacobs to Friday night services and dinner at Estelle Moses’ house on Friday the 28th when the couple travelled from their home in London to be with our community for the weekend.

Associated with KK since its inception, David and Hannah have guided our community loyally through the years. Friday night was a sumptuous affair due to Estelle’s special flair for creating ambiance and marvellous food. David conducted the special Friday night service prior to the meal.

On Saturday, Shabbat Emor, David and Pat Lipert conducted the Shabbat service. Following a bountiful Kiddush, Hannah then led us in a discussion of the history of anti-Semitism since Biblical days up to the current state of affairs in Britain.

Chairman Jeremy Jacobson welcomed and thanked this much loved couple for working so hard to provide a very meaningful Shabbat for all our members.

Many thanks to Estelle (and Charlie), who made a huge effort to provide the community with such a special Friday night.


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The first night of Passover and Shabbat were celebrated with gusto on Friday, the 30th of March, at The Barn in Trelissick Gardens in Feock by members of Kehillat Kernow and many visitors from around the world and greater England.

It was more than sufficient and an exuberant first night of Seder from start to finish.

Beginning with the lighting of the Shabbat and Yom Tov candles, the welcoming words from Chairman Jeremy Jacobson, the leading of the Haggadah reading with Life President Harvey Kurzfield, the four questions delivered by our children, to the after dinner service led by Adam Feldman, KK Vice Chairman, it is no wonder that our Pesach celebration is so popular.

It was a night to remember our past, a time to rejoice in all we have, and a hope for a safe, auspicious new year.

Many thanks to Anne Hearle who organises our first night of Pesach along with her family, David, Noah, Leah and Elisha to perfection, to all the chefs who catered to everyone’s needs, to our service leaders, Harvey and Adam and to Jeremy and Leslie Lipert who see to so many of the necessary details.

Hag Sameach! Next Year in Jerusalem and Cornwall!

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