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Name Author/Editor Summary
Here I Am Jonathan Safran Foer The Jewish angst is in high gear in this novel about relationships and duties between family members…
Preserving (food) Oded Schwartz The Jewish art of pickling knows no bounds. Enjoy!
A Reading and Prayer |Primer Sol Scharfstein God, colorful basic primer for beginning to learn your Alef-Bet.
The Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia Lon Klenicki, Alvin Schiff, Mordecai Schreiber Lovely illustrated Jewish knowledge book.
Calcutta Rudrangshu Mukherjee (text) and Kamal Sahai (photos) Pictorial run around Calcutta with commentary which includes the famous |Jewish synagogues represent…
Three Rabbis in a Vicarage (History Of Belsize Square Synagogue) Anthony Godfrey The history of the Belsize Square Synagogue in London through the 'reigns' of three different rabbis…
Why Good People Do Bad Things Bruce Hamstra Psychologist explains 'how to make moral choices in an immoral world.'
And they shall be my people (an American rabbi and his congregation Paul Wilkes Lively and human account of Wilke's rabbinic experiences.
When bad things happen to good people Harold Kushner How faith can help people through the worst of tragedies.
The Rise of Reform Judaism W. Gunther Plaut Great Hebrew scholar and rabbi, Plaut goes through the origins and progress of Reform Judaism since…
Jewish Memories (Memoires Juives, 1986) Lucette Valensi and Nathan Wachtel (trans.:Barbara Harshaw)/Pierre Nora and Jacques Revel Personal account of Jewish family from Salonika to Sefron, |\ Oder to Dnieper, France from 1900 to j…
How to Understand Judaism Marcus Braybrooke Basic and well illustrated text to explain the life cycles, basic customs and practices by a vicar t…
The Hoy Scriptures (according to the Masoretic text) M. Friedlander, Principal, Jews College, London Magnificent text with colour plates.
Jewish as a second language Molly Katz Hilarious book of Jewish interpretations of everyday events and reactions.
The Book of Blessings-HaBerachot David Amom A book of blessings including Sabbath, holidays and Q &A for Passover and Passover Haggadah.
Jewish Renaissance Rebecca Taylor Mexican Jewry is featured.
Jewish Renaissance Rebecca Taylor Cambridge Jewry is featured.
Jewish Renaissance Rebecca Taylor Vienna Jewry is featured.
Jewish Renaissance Rebecca Taylor Catalonia and Spanish |Jewry is featured this month.
Jewish Renaissance Rebecca Taylor Hungarian Jewry is the focus amongst many other valuable articles.
Balfour 100 Comprehensive background and update on the Balfour Declaration on its100th anniversary.
A brief history time line of Anti-Semitism Hannah Jacbos
Olam Ha-Ba: The Afterlife
A definition of Anti-Semitism
Signs and symbols Tracey R. Rich

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