Historic Cemeteries

Friends of Penzance Jewish Cemetery and Friends of Ponsharden Cemeteries (Falmouth) have been formally inaugurated to promote restoration work at the two sites. Members of these organisations are made up of citizen, civic, religious and local government representatives. The purpose of these two groups is for fund raising, maintenance, management and education.

Funds raised for the Penzance Jewish Cemetery’s restoration work by Leslie Lipert, KK treasurer and agent for the Board of Deputies is £5,583 (including gift aid), as of the 24th of February. There are some other pledges and replies from other grant making organisations expected.

At a meeting of the Friends of Ponsharden Cemeteries which include the Jewish and Congregationalist Cemeteries in Falmouth, it was reported that Sainsbury’s has agreed to build fencing around most of the two cemeteries and this work is expected to be done in the near future. No set date for construction has been set. This is in addition to the monies promised by Sainsbury’s in accordance with the Section 106 agreement between the company and the Falmouth Council (£26, 479.60) signed in 2013 in order to produce a Management Conservation Plan. This will not happen until Sainsbury’s begins additional construction of its store which could be up to two years in the future. After that funding can be raised and plans for restoration work begun. The fencing will provide protection from vandalism until restoration plans can be realised.

The organisations established will act as an impetus to accelerate the various stages for restoration development and is being encouraged by members of the town council and English Heritage.

Pat Lipert