Seder Night – Cancellation

After much discussion, with heavy hearts, the Council has decided to cancel this year’s Seder. There are basically two related reasons for this decision. 

Firstly, Covid cases have been rising at an alarming rate in Cornwall, which now has the highest number since the pandemic started and also the second highest percentage numbers in the UK. Just within our small community we currently have nine confirmed cases. There is a risk for those who are in some way vulnerable, and among those who have booked for the Seder there are several. The Council does not think it right to take what we now see as a considerable risk at this time. 

Secondly, among those in our community who have recently been diagnosed with Covid, three of them are Council members who have a role in the Seder’s preparation and two of them are the chief organisers. Of course, some or all of these people will hopefully be recovered by 15 April and will almost certainly not be infectious. The problem is that it is now that the preparations are happening and the Council isi afraid that they are simply not well enough to work at present. Despite this great thanks to Anne and David for  doing so much already and even continuing to work while feeling ill up until today. 

Any monies sent in payment for places at the Seder will be returned. 

We are all terribly sad to have to cancel our first Seder for three years. Those of you who have attended a KK Seder in the past know that they are a highlight of our ritual year and renowned across the land….

Let us all say, “Next year, in Trelissick!”