It is not the custom of Judaism to proselytise. However, we welcome both people with an interest in our faith, and those who wish to convert. ‘Jews by choice’ are every bit as Jewish as those born into the religion.

Those who decide to convert do so for different reasons. These include an initial interest which later can lead to study and research.  Friendship with one or more Jews may play a part, as can love for someone Jewish, coupled with an appreciation of the values and strong traditions of Judaism, including its emphasis on life and on making a contribution to a better world.

Converting takes some time and requires the convert to be involved with a Jewish community, attending services and festivals. It also involves study of the faith, customs and history of the Jewish people. The study may be challenging but it should also be joyous and life-affirming.

Kehillat Kernow is happy to receive prospective converts at its religious services and at other events. It can provide advice, opportunities to discuss practices, Jewish law and other topics and also offer some pastoral support. At this time, we are unable to provide regular personal tuition. However, there are a number of very good online conversion courses to which we can refer prospective converts. Then, once someone has reached a certain level of knowledge and commitment, we can refer him or her to a sponsoring rabbi who will help to take the official conversion process forward.