2005 News

Our first entry for 2005 must include a note of sorrow for the devastation caused by the tsunami in the region of the Indian Ocean which affected the coastlines of so many areas. Our prayers for those killed, injured or suffering the loss of loved ones and homes will be repeated during many of our services in the next few months.

Our own news is better. We have received a legacy which we hope will enable us to make tentative steps towards establishing our own premises at some point in the future. This will be a long way off, but it is a dream that may one day come to fruition.

Leslie tells me that we have more Mezuzot in stock. The Cornish Mezuzah is a highly regarded part of our history now and any members (or non-members for that matter) wishing to obtain one, should contact Leslie or myself hkurzfield[at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk.

Our fortnightly services recommence on January 8th and members and visitors are reminded that services normally begin at 10.30am. Visitors who wish to attend any services are asked to contact me at the email address above.
NB: Please note new time for the start of Shabbat services, 10.30am and not 10am. Next Service is on 22nd January, 2005.