Upcoming services

The up and coming Shabbat services are:

  • April 24th-10.30-Pat
  • May 2nd-Lag Ba’Omer-NO SERVICE
  • May 8th-10.30-Iain
  • May 19th-Shavuot-NO SERVICE
  • May 22nd-10.30-Visiting student Rabbi Andrea Zanardo
  • June 5th-10.30-Pat
  • June 19th-10.30-Adam
  • July 2-4th-Weekend Services/Teach-in with Elkan and Celia Levy and David and Hannah Jacobs (more information will be available closer to the time)
  • July 17th-10.30-Pat
  • July 20th-Tishah B’Av-NO SERVICE
  • July 31th-10.30-Iain
  • August 14th-10.30-Louise
  • August 28th-10.30-Pat