The End of Exile for Kehillat Kernow

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We are back! For the first time in two years, Kehillat Kernow finally met together face-to-face for a Shabbat morning service. It was an emotional affair and also a challenging one as we tried to remember how we had done things in the past. When should we cover the Sefer Scroll with the mantle? What was the tune we used for this section of the Amidah? Should we dress the Torah Scroll before the Haftorah or after? We struggled a little, but we got there in the end. We completed the service, reading, praying, singing with the same intensity as before, perhaps more, as we revelled in the occasion. Kiddush lunch which would in the past have lasted a half-hour or so, went on for well over an hour as we chatted and chatted and chatted. A wonderful occasion, tinged with sadness at the absence of our greatly missed service leader among service leaders, our guide and touchstone but tinged also with joy that we were able to honour her in our observance of Shabbat.

(KK Friends and Members can see more photos of the occasion here.)