Wine Tasting Cup


I can’t express to you how chuffed I was to be honoured so dearly on Erev Rosh HaShannah. It was totally unexpected and such a special accolade. Harvey’s words were very kind. Giving me the most perfect wine tasting cup with Zot Ha Torah , couldn’t have been more thoughtful showed the lengths you all went to give me just the right gift to thank me. It is such a precious memento of a happy time. I am very grateful to all those in our family of Kehillat Kernow who contributed to this and feel very humbled by their appreciation.

What a satisfaction it was to be able to do something so important to our community and the Sefer Torah will be a treasure for all of us in the community to honour and to appreciate for many many years to come. I am so thankful to have been a part of that and it surely would not have happened without all your support and also the input of Elkan Levy and David Jacobs. What wonderful things can be accomplished when good people get together for a common cause.

Thank you for all your hard work, caring and devotion to each of us personally as well as our precious Kehillat Kernow.

Leslie Lipert