Dor Kemmyn outdoor service at Penmount

On 12th June, at Penmount, Dor Kemmyn held a special outdoor service from 3pm until 4.30pm in order for the faith groups within Dor Kemmyn, to personally thank the members of those groups which helped so many communities during the terrible winter storms that many areas (especially the coastal ones) had experienced. There were representatives from the police, coastguard, fire, ambulance, medical and the Faith Response team. Several people spoke about their personal experiences during those storms. The event, which was organised by Rev. Andrew Yates and Rita Stevens, was opened by Lady Mary Holborow who is the first patron of the Cornwall Faith Forum.

Each of the seven faith groups present gave a prayer or reading to honour those men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others during times of crisis.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for the event and everyone present appreciated the occasion and I felt honoured to represent Kehillat Kernow at this event.

I have also recently completed my occasional piece for the West Briton which will appear in due course under the title of God in the 21st Century, although for some reason my work only seems to be published in the Truro edition.

Following our lovely Torah Scroll Ceremony (brilliantly organised by our treasurer – who celebrated his birthday this very week) we have had some excellent publicity in a number of newspapers (across the world even!!) though, rather disappointingly, the Jewish Chronicle did manage to get quite a number of facts wrong, which we hope may be corrected in due course if any attention is paid to the letter that a member of the community immediately sent to the Editor.

We have lots to look forward to in the coming months including a new and exciting venue for our Rosh Hashanna services.