Communal Seder

Spring is coming and, with it, one of the loveliest festivals of the Jewish year: Pesach. It is one of the three pilgrim festival when we come together to remember special times, to reflect on how precarious life can be, but, most importantly, to rejoice. The last time we came together in person to celebrate Pesach, however, was – would you believe it – four years ago. The first lock-down descended just days before the 2020 Seder. Pesach 2021 was definitely barred. How happy we were in early 2022 as our first face-to-face Seder since 2019 approached. Then disaster struck: several of our members caught Covid in the weeks leading up to the festival. So here we are a year later in 2023. This time we will prevail. We will throw off the bonds of slavery, sweep away the crumbs and the dust and the cobwebs lurking in the corners, and emerge into the light.

Pesach is a time to look inside our hearts and clear away a few dusty habits grown stiff with complacency. And it is a time to celebrate the great gift of freedom and the coming together of the people of Israel in a covenant with God. Our seder is a wonderful occasion for both children and adults. 

The first night of Pesach this year will be on Wednesday, 5thApril and we will be celebrating in grand style. Who will find the afikomen this year? Do come and join us. It marks the beginning of our journey to the Promised Land. If you’re visiting Cornwall and interested in attending, please contact the chairman.