View from Netanya

I am writing this on Wednesday afternoon when the country is holding its breath and wondering what’s going to happen when the truce comes to an end at midnight. On the one hand there is generally a reluctance to go to war, but on the other a clear understanding that Israel is not prepared to let Hamas retain the ability to take us back to this situation in another few years.

The view taken by the rest of the world is seen as an unhelpful irrelevance. The double standards are so obvious and so blatant that I believe the average Israeli has ceased to care.

One of the most unashamed examples is Vince Cable’s statement that Britain would suspend export licences “in the event of a resumption of significant hostilities”. In other words, if Hamas attacks Israel Britain will stop selling Israel some of the arms it needs to keep its people (Jews) safe.

The truth is that when the chips are down we Jews can only rely on ourselves and the Almighty.

Increasingly residents from European countries especially France are here looking to make Aliyah. The other night I met two men both of whose families were renting apartments in my block. Both from Paris, both said that they were moving here next year.

The war has understandably affected the tourist trade and Israelis, who tend to go abroad in the summer, are being urged to holiday at home. There are some pretty good bargains available, the weather is wonderful as usual, and Netanya has suddenly started to fill up with visitors, although some of them are clearly Jews spying out the land, which is as always full of milk and honey.

The only really major surprise is that, as I was walking to shul last Shabbat, it rained!