View from Netanya

The first casualty in any war is the truth, but the amount of lies accepted unquestioningly by the press in this war is unprecedented.

If all the dead in Gaza were civilians, then who was firing the rockets? If none of the Arabs were soldiers, how did the mortars operate? Was it really robots who dug, manned, and came out of the tunnels? Is there no more respect for truth and accuracy?

And why is it OK for Britain and America to attack IS, which is just a variation on Hamas, but not for Israel to defend itself?

When rockets rained on London in 1944 about 9000 civilians died. Churchill ordered the bombing of the factories and the launch pads. 20,000 died including slave labourers. I wonder if anyone told him that his response was disproportionate.

Did you hear about the photo of the unfortunate family who were killed by one of Assad’s bombs in Syria, and were killed again in the same photograph in Gaza? The ultimate depravity was Hamas’ use of a photograph showing the horrendous murder of a family. They were actually the Fogel family, parents and children butchered one Friday night without warning on the West Bank, but Hamas did not consider it necessary even to remove the picture of the Mezuzah from the door post. Such is the respect for truth shown by Western media.

There are major humanitarian crises all over the Middle East – Kurdistan, Syria, Lebanon. Christians are being murdered by Muslims, Muslims are killing each other in the world’s largest civil war, but you don’t hear of them because Israel can’t be blamed.