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Zac’s Bar Mitzvah

Zac Berger, now officially known in the family of Israel as Yitzhak ben Sha’ul, was joined by many members of the community, his family and friends for his Bar Mitzvah held on the 9th of Adar, Shabbat Zachor, the 28th of February at Shabbat services conducted by Chairman Harvey Kurzfield.


Zac read the maftir passage from Parsha Tetzaveh, the Haftarah reading and sang the blessings for both in excellent Hebrew. Members of the community and his family participated in various parts of the service. Harvey, who tutored Zac for his Bar Mitzvah presentation, was visibly pleased with how well Zac did with his readings along with proud parents, Mr and Mrs. Saul Berger, his siblings and grandmother.

A fine Kiddush provided by the family followed to celebrate Zac’s major accomplishment. Rachel Brown, KK secretary, organised and prepared the venue for the event.

Mazel Tov Yitzhak!