There’s this man. When he was born, he grabbed his twin brother’s heel. Two peas in a pod? They were more like a wasp and a hornet. When he was a young man, he bought his brother’s birthright in exchange for a paltry mess of lentil stew. A few years later, he conspired with his mother to steal his brother’s blessing, making a fool of his father in the process. He ran away and married two women but preferred the younger over the older. He tricked his uncle who kept him for twenty years with a kind of magic. He spoiled one of his sons so much he helped make his other sons jealous to the point of murder.

There’s this man. He was studious and reflective from an early age. He had divine visions, wrestling with God, or an angel, or himself, and gained inspiration and wisdom. He turned his uncle’s treachery and exploitative meanness back on him. He took extreme care of his numerous family. He sought and gained forgiveness from his brother.  He joined with his brother to bury and mourn his father. He reprimanded two of his sons when they took murderous revenge on a whole city. Before he died, he gave each of his sons a special blessing. He was faithful to God.

These men are Jacob, our father, our special father. To join him as he embarks on the first stage of his long life, join us all this Saturday at 10:30. Adam Feldman will be doing the introductions.