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Our First Kehillat Kernow Open Lecture


On 6th October 2002, Mr Anthony Fagin, a recent member of Kehillat Kernow, gave a most impressive illustrated lecture on his experiences at the dig at Masada in Israel, which took place in the early 1960s under the direction of Yigael Yadin.
This lecture, held in Carnon Downs village hall, was open to the public and was our first such event, so we were completely in the dark as to how many people would turn up. We were allowed up to 104 seats under fire regulations and initially set out fifty chairs as we thought we might get somewhere around that number. To our surprise and delight over 80 people turned up for the event.
As chairman of Kehillat Kernow, I was pleased to tell the audience a little about our community, some details of the charity we were supporting (the UJIA), and a brief outline of our guest speaker.
Anthony then proceeded to tell us the enthralling story of Masada through his experiences, first as a volunteer

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