Pesach Seder 2007

Taking advice from Elkan Levy himself (who we saw at the Pre-Pesach study day in Exeter) we 9slightly) shortened the service. The result was a smoother and much enjoyed seder, held, once again, at Trevarno Gardens. There were plenty of children present to hear the story of the Exodus from Egypt and the ‘stranger’ in our midst was a very pleasant gentleman from Washington D.C who just happened to be holidaying in Cornwall.



Forthcoming Events

First, many congratulations to Michael Rose who was Bar-Mitzvah at his Grandparents’ shul in Romford in Essex. When I spoke to his Mum, Sandra, she told me that he had made her feel very proud. He is repeating the event especially for the Cornwall Community at the multicultural centre at St Eval airbase on Saturday 19th November at 10am. Rev. Malcolm Wiseman will be coming down to lead the service. There is also a service the following Shabbat in Truro beginning 10.30am as usual.
Don’t forget AGM on Sunday 27th November at Carnon Downs Village Hall at 2pm in the Annexe.
There is also news that Chana Sophia Yaffe is down to do a Jewish Storytelling and Song session either in Cornwall or Plymouth. I will update this information as soon as I get confirmation of the venue.
Bonnie is hoping to arrange a Chanukah Party for all the cheder children, so we hope that you will all lend her your support for that event.

Cromwell and the Rabbi Lecture

The Resettlement of the Jews in England following 350 years of exclusion. 2006 marks the 350 anniversary of the Resettlement of Jews into England following their expulsion in 1290.

Kehillat Kernow, the Jewish Community of Cornwall is proud to present a lecture of appeal to both Christians and Jews on the Resettlement, which this year celebrates its 350th Anniversary. The matter was not straightforward – Who was Manasseh ben Israel? Why did a major row between the Rabbi of Amsterdam and his Wardens lead directly to the Resettlement? Why did John Evelyn write in his diary

Jewish Community of Cornwall