Newsletter Updates

I have just added all the latest events to this site along with a Chanukah message to kids of all sizes, including Harvey! The newsletter can now be downloaded and viewed from here, plus some new links now occupy the section by the same name.

You can now view the page views at Kehillat Kernow here to see which pages are the most popular.

Help Needed

The Kehillat Kernow website needs your help in order to add some interesting content to its pages. Please email me your photos, ideas, documents or links so that they can be added. I would greatly appreciate if people could email some links that would be suitable within this site. If ideas that you have in order to make it more interesting, please contact us using the contact form. You can also request to play a greater role in updating the website so that it will always be a resource worth returning to on a regular basis.

Now people can post news online, please contact Noah to contribute to the site.

Jewish Community of Cornwall