2016 AGM

Annual General Meeting

Kehillat Kernow

20 November 2016

Present: Present: Leslie Lipert, Pat Lipert, Harvey Kurzfield, Rachel Brown (Secretary), Anthony Fagin, Jeremy Jacobson, David Hearle, Bonnie Rockley, Anne Hearle, Carolyn Shapiro, Roger Chatfield, Gloria Moses, Charlie, Estelle Moses, Tiny Daly, Wilf Rockley

Apologies: Liz and Julian Berg, Adam Feldman, Babs?? ,Maud???

1.       Welcome read by Chairman
2.       Minutes of the last AGM read by Harvey

3.       Committee officer reports

a.      Chairman-

Chairman’s Remarks AGM November 2016

These are my final set of remarks as Chair of Kehillat Kernow and as such I write them with a mixture of sadness, relief, gratitude and a certain sense of satisfaction (which I hope doesn’t sound smug or self-congratulatory).

There’s a sense of sadness because of course I would have liked to have continued to serve the community for many more years – but realise that the current state of my physical health is failing to give the 100% effort that I feel is required. Besides which, in other similar organisations, the ‘chair’ turnover takes place more often and it is probably the right time to inject some new blood with fresh ideas and energy into this particular position.

Therefore, given all of the above, there is that sense of relief in knowing that I can retire fairly gracefully in the knowledge that there is a wealth of talent within the community willing and able to take on the job.

In terms of gratitude, I am honoured to have been given the chance to serve our lovely community. I remember when we first got together back in 1999 the small group of people that met to determine the direction in which we would travel held an election for the role of Chair and Vera Collins and I were nominated. I thought that Vera stood a very good chance of being elected as her background knowledge was very high, but to my surprise I received a few more votes and was duly elected. I think there were about eleven voters so it must have been very close. I am grateful, therefore, to those few who did vote for me and grateful to have remained your Chairperson for the last 16 years.

The sense of satisfaction comes partly from having stayed alive in the post for all those years but also from the extraordinary experiences I have encountered during this period. High spots have included meeting Queen Elizabeth (briefly) at Truro Cathedral, shaking hands with Prince Phillip at St James’ Palace, and welcoming the former Chief Rabbi, Jonathon Sachs on his slightly unofficial visit to Truro at the Brooklands Hotel in Truro.

There have been some wonderful moments but I must say that most of these moments have been as a result of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The Chair gets the accolades, but it is those committee members behind the scenes who over the last 16 or so years have continued to provide the tremendous support and backing from which we, the members of Kehillat Kernow, all benefit in one way or another. We have been particularly blessed to have had the services of a treasurer par excellence in Leslie Lipert who has maintained our finances over the years with commendable brilliance and when we say “May you live to 120” we’re not just saying it – we really mean it!!

All the other committee members are equally deserving of praise and I hope the membership as a whole continues to recognize and appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Let’s take a look at the events of the last year.

We have maintained our fortnightly Shabbat services  and are grateful to our secretary, Rachel Brown, whose contact with the Spectrum Organisation continues to retain that facility.

Our High Holy Days were once again held successfully.

Through much negotiation and hard work, the Jewish cemetery at Penzance has been restored thanks to grants and money ingeniously raised by the aforementioned financial wizard (L.L) and similar efforts are under way to try to continue to improve the facilities at the Jewish part of the cemetery in Falmouth where the perimeter has at least been strengthened. A lot of work here continues under the auspices of the BoD (Jewish Board of Deputies) through Lesley Lipert and Anthony Fagin.

We seem to have had a plethora of Barmitzvot lately! It has been a joy to witness these BIG moments for our younger members, all of whom have carried themselves with enthusiasm and commitment aided by their even more committed and enthusiastic parents and we look forward to seeing more of these in a few more years time.

Our newsletter, compiled and organised with such flair by Pat Lipert, continues to be admired and envied throughout the wider Jewish community and I must say I always look forward to the next issue – although, in the future, I suspect there will be fewer photos of yours truly!!

We have continued to welcome visitors from other parts of the UK but also from elsewhere in the World and much of that is due to our online presence on the internet so our thanks to Noah Hearle for his continued maintenance of our website which does encourage visitors from further afield to contact us if they are visiting Cornwall.

Our association with the Interfaith Forum has also continued and both Adam Feldman and I have been sent appropriate updates. The establishment of a Dor Kemmyn (Common Ground) building is still a long way in the future, but the hopes and aspirations of many members of that organisation are still very positive.

Finally I would like to thank Jacqueline Kurzfield for her unswerving support and advice and guidance throughout my chairmanship; she has been a most wonderful wife and partner, full of love, ideas and inspiration.

I will be looking forward to a bit more of a rest in the future, though I believe that the committee would still like me to remain a member of this committee. I may take a short break, and I’m sure the person who will be taking over from me will be a very strong and positive chairperson and I take this opportunity to assure that person of my continuing support and to wish that person all the very, very best fro the future of this small, but perfectly formed Jewish community.

Thanks to you all for your past support and for the very many kindnesses you have shown to Jacqueline and me and may Kehillat Kernow continue to prosper and grow.

Harvey Kurzfield

Kehillat Kernow

20th September 2016

b.      Secretary-no report

c.      Treasurer’s report

i.      £58,855.98 cashbook (£48,552.98 KK the rest for Falmouth Cemeteries & BOD)

ii.      2015-2016 overspent by £2,039 due to Penzance Cemetery, Cornwall Faith Forum and Passover

iii.      2014-2015 overspend by £3,123 Torah Luncheon

1.      Discussed possibilities of raising membership

2.      Discussed Passover venue cost.

iv.      Jacqueline Book Fair raised £570

v.      Leslie raised BOD funding form as only 7 members at present have signed Standing Orders

vi.      Merchandise

1.      Magen David Pendants: made 19 sold 12

vii.      We are hopefully getting a large sum of money for Falmouth cemetery but need more friends for support.

d.      Librarian

i.      No new books this year. 1171 titles including periodicals and pamphlets.

e.      Communication

i.      Fortnightly emails have been sent from Jeremy

ii.      Events

1.      Friends of Penzance Jewish Cemetery, Rededication of service followed by a lovely meal, Passover, High Holidays, Community Beach Event.

iii.      Joint Burial Board.

1.      Jeremy linked with Exeter and Totnes to try and get 10 people but not enough interest.

iv.      Publicity

1.      Cornishman

2.      Falmouth Packet

3.      Cornish Banner

4.      Jewish Chronicle

5.      Jewish News

v.      Questionnaire re activities for community

1.      Bimonthly social evening to incorporate food, film, books at Malpas village hall.

2.      David Hearle to lead an annual walk

4.       Election

a.      Harvey Kurzfield standing down but remaining on the council

b.      Nomination for Jeremy Jacobson to stand as Chairman

i.      Pat- motion to elect; Gloria to second; Unanimously voted in; Agreed by Committee

c.      The rest of the committee voted back in for another term

d.      Discussion at the next committee to discuss the void in communication officer role

5.       AOB

a.      Elkan Levy sent a letter praising Harvey’s contribution over the last 16 years

b.      Jeremy gave a Vote of Thanks to Harvey

6.       Next Annual General Meeting     19 November 2017 Venue to be announced