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Harvey Feted at KK Luncheon

Thirty-nine members of the KK community came out to honour and celebrate the chairmanship of Harvey Kurzfield on Saturday, 3 December at Trevaski’s Farm.

The feelings of all those families present couldn’t have been more heart-felt. In fact, many of the younger members had been B’nei Mitzvot as a result of Harvey’s tutoring.

Chairman Jeremy Jacobson, who organised the event, lead a series of speeches highlighting the reasons why Harvey has been held in such high esteem and in genuine affection during his 16-year tenure as KK’s founding chairman. Jeremy’s thoughtful comparison of Harvey to the Patriarchs and to Moses in terms of his human qualities were poignantly presented. He was followed by Treasurer Leslie Lipert who recalled many of the touching moments he had experienced working with Harvey over the years. Pat Lipert read an Elizabethan sonnet addressing some of the highlights of Harvey’s life and Adam Feldman, co-Chairman, presented Harvey with a letter signed by all Council members granting Harvey lifetime Presidency of KK in an eloquent address. That was followed by the giving of a special Torah Mantle and Mappa designed and created by Anne Hearle. This new mantle with a dedication to Harvey on the front will be used for all our regular Torah services in the future.

The younger members of the community then delivered the Priestly Blessing, something Harvey usually does for them during regular Shabbat services. Harvey received his blessing under the Tallit.

The three-course meal, carefully planned by Jeremy with members of the restaurant, left everyone full and grateful to have been a part of such a special event. Many thanks to Jeremy for all his hard work in making sure this was a very special simchah.

Photos taken at Harvey’s Luncheon

Harvey Honoured at AGM Meeting


At the November 20th AGM meeting where 18 members of our community gathered, Harvey Kurzfield officially stepped down as chairman of Kehillat Kernow. Jeremy Jacobson was unanimously voted in as our new chairman. During the meeting at the Liperts house, both Harvey and Jeremy gave moving speeches about the community and the contributions made by various members.

Harvey’s spoke about how eventful his years as chairman of KK were, the numbers of people he was privileged to meet (including Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks), and how much the experiences had meant to him. He paid tributes to various KK members but most especially to Jacqueline for all the love and support he has received over the years. He spoke of how lucky we are as a community to have Jeremy as our new chairman.

Jeremy elaborated on some of those themes but concentrated most of his remarks on Harvey noting how his humanity and quiet authority during his 16 years as chairman had made such a difference to the success, harmony, and growth of Kehillat Kernow.

In an elegant tribute to a man he obviously greatly respects and admires, Jeremy’s remarks underlined the gratitude felt by all of us for what Harvey has accomplished during his chairmanship. A letter of support, tribute and good wishes from Rev. Elkan Levy was read out by Leslie Lipert at this important occasion. A champagne luncheon followed.

Photos taken at the AGM

Rachel and David Barral double B’nei Mitzvot


Barral B’nei Mitzvot

Rachel and David Barral enjoyed a double B’nei Mitzvot on Saturday, 29 October, Shabbat Bereshit, the 27th of Tishrei at services held at Three Bridges School. Family members and members of Kehllat Kernow made up the congregation to celebrate this first ever double rite of passage. The Torah portion was read not only by Rachel and David, but also their father, Graham and his brother as well as Katherine Barral. The service was led by Chairman Harvey Kurzfield who had tutored both Barrals for their portions. A fine Kiddush followed the service hosted by the Barral family.

Mazel Tov David and Rachel!

Photos of David and Rachel Bar and Bat Mitzvot.

Issac’s Bar Mitvah


Isaac Feldman was the star of his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday the 13th of Tishri for Shabbat Ha-azinu held at Trelissick Gardens. His leyning of the Torah portion and handling of the Haftarah was done with consummate skill and in the most melodic voice. Both he, Harvey Kurzfield our chair and who tutored Isaac for the occasion, along with his father, Adam Feldman all conducted the special inclusive Shabbat service before the 80 people, friends, relatives and members of the KK congregation with great aplomb. The kiddush, luncheon hosted by the Feldmans, dancing by the resurrected Azoi, and speeches by all the key players of the Feldman family in this important rite of passage, made for a fantastic and moving simcha. Mazel tov, Isaac!

Service with the A-Team

Murray Brown made his debut as a Sh’liach Tsibbur on Shabbat R’eih, 3 September, co-leading the service with his mentor, Harvey Kurzfield. A crowd of visitors and members of the Kehillat Kernow congregation were on hand to take part in this special Shabbat service which was also Murray’s farewell gift to his community before he leaves to attend Exeter University.   Murray and his family have been active members of our community since their arrival here from Manchester ten years ago.

The service itself was wonderful with poignant speeches from Murray about the importance of the KK community to his life as well as a good sermon from Harvey Kurzfield on the parsha. Mazel tov, Murray on a job well done! All good wishes in your new life as a university student.

Pat Lipert