2014 AGM

Kehillat Kernow 2014 Annual General Meeting

Held on 16th November 2014


Leslie Lipert, Pat Lipert, Harvey Kurzfield, Rachel Brown (Secretary), Adam Feldman, Anthony Fagin, Jacqueline Kurzfield, Liz Berg, Jeremy Jacobson, David Hearle, (Andy Norfolk, Matt Robinson Cornwall Faith Forum).


Bonnie Rockley, Anne Hearle, Julian Berg, Karen Meyers.

Minutes Actions
1.       Welcome read by Chairman

2.       Interfaith Forum

a.      Matt Robinson (Architect) from Cornwall Faith Forum, a community interest company and Andy Norfolk attended the beginning of the AGM.

b.      Two projects: Dor Kemyn-Worship space and Education-teaching different faiths in schools and colleges

c.      They attended the meeting to give us an update about Dor Kemyn. The Building is priced up at £1.2 million pounds.

d.      Steve Angrove a semi-retired fundraiser with a good track record has stated that the project needs to raise 10% prior to fundraising to large bodies. There needs to be a show of commitment to make this project believable. They currently have£40,000 towards the 10%, planning permission and nearly a lease from Cornwall.

e.      They are also trying to raise funds for a full time fund raiser.

f.        When Dor Kemyn is established they hope to increase revenues by renting it our privately.

g.      Discussed the plans at length including storage space, classrooms, and toilets.

h.      Adam questioned the cost per square meter as he felt that it was very expensive. Matt Robinson will send KK the business plans and costing.

i.         KK has offered £1000 towards the initial 10% if they were successful at raising £9000 from the other faiths represented.

3.       Minutes of the last AGM read by Harvey

4.       Committee Reports (Summary)

a.    Chairman’s Remarks

Before I begin my review of the year I would like, on behalf of the members of Kehillat Kernow, to say a big thank you to all your committee members who do a tremendous amount behind the scenes, keeping our finances up to date, lovingly caring for our library or writing up and distributing the minutes of our meetings, preparing services, running newsletters: you name it and our committee and other members come up trumps!I am particularly delighted to welcome Jeremy Jacobson to the committee and he has already demonstrated his enthusiasm with his regular comments reminding all our members about services and other events in his own inimitable style. He has taken over from Jacquie Ricketts who may at some time in the future be moving upcountry. I am grateful to Jacquie for her endeavours on behalf of Kehillat Kernow and wish her all the best for the future.


As usual we have had a year filled with exciting events top-most of which must be the handing over, refurbishment and dedication of our own Torah scroll and I am very happy to repeat my thanks on behalf of everyone to Leslie for all the amazing work he put into the successful outcome. Our High Holy Days also took place in a new venue  and though somewhat off the beaten track, it proved to be a lovely venue for our Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur services. The food prepared and served on the premises was also of a very high quality.

We also had a successful trip to the theatre in Truro to see Michael Glazer in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’- our thanks to Rachel Brown for organising this event.


Many children seem to be coming of age all of a sudden and we look forward to witnessing quite a number of these occasions over the next year, the first of which will be taking place on 20th December 2014 so please make sure you keep this date free!


Elkan has been a great support to us in spite of having moved to Israel. We were all devastated after the loss of his lovely wife, Celia following treatment for leukaemia. One comfort for Elkan was that they were at least able to share time with their family in Israel. In spite of this tragic event Elkan has continued to give Kehillat Kernow his support and it was lovely to have him here as one of our principal guests (as well as leader of the dedication service) at the Torah Scroll ceremony.


I have attended a number of meetings during the year and there is still a drive towards the Interfaith Forum’s desire to build premises at Penmount which can be used by all faiths. There is still a long way to go and the executive members are endeavouring to raise a very large sum in order for this build to go ahead. We have with us, today, two members of the movement who will give us their views about fund-raising ideas.

As a (retired) teacher I have been part of the inter-faith teams which have held at least two school-based events this year the aims of which have been to present the religious ideas of different faith groups in order for children attending school in Cornwall to have the opportunity to find out from the actual practitioners some of the different ways in which people from different faith groups celebrate their faith worship. It’s not about indoctrination, but about spreading knowledge to aid mutual understanding.


Kehillat Kernow’s financial situation remains healthy thanks to the careful administration of our treasurer.

Our membership fees are still very reasonable, considering the number of services that are held on a regular basis. We do need to maintain our membership numbers and one of the drawbacks of living in Cornwall is the fact that many of our possible new members live in more distant parts of the region.


Leslie has been working hard to raise money for the maintenance of Penzance’s famous Jewish cemetery. The Jewish Board of Deputies, which is supposed to have guardianship of old Jewish burial sites across the UK, seems to have been only too happy to hand this responsibility over to Leslie and have awarded a small grant towards the upkeep costs. The Board has also ratified the position of Anthony Fagin as a kind of guardian of the old Jewish cemetery at Falmouth, where new fencing has, at last, been put in place as part of a deal with the nearby Sainsbury Store. In recent weeks the complete site at Falmouth (which includes a Congregationalist Cemetery) has been occasionally opened to the public. This has brought about increased interest from the wider community and we have received an offer of assistance towards the ground maintenance from a Cornish Business.


“The Jews of Cornwall – A History – Tradition and Settlement to 1913’ is still available and our new communications officer sent this around recently.

If you haven’t yet bought Keith’s book and would like to, the publisher Halsgrove has just confirmed that it will continue its special offer to members of Kehillat Kernow for the time being of £19.99 (+ £2.99 p&p) for the hardcover copy of the book. This compares with the published price of £29.99. You can contact Halsgrove either by e-mail at [hide_email ] or by phone on 01823 653777.

Thanks to all our members for your continuing support during the past year and we hope to see many more of you at our regular services where we usually manage to have a minyan! It is hoped that we may be able to make use of the occasional student rabbi during 5775 thanks to special arrangements by the MRJ.

b.   Cheder

There was no official report as Bonnie was not at the meeting. A discussion ensued that now the Cheder will be family run between the Feldmans and the Meyers.

c. Treasurer report (full report held on file)
Current Cash position
£51 ,486.30 including £12,000 cemetery donations

d. Library report (full report held on file)

Discussion about archiving some of the previous information about the development of KK as we have been in existence 15 years.

e. Communication report

Jeremy is very pleased to have joined the committee and undertake this role.

Rachel and Pat to complete
5.       All current council members reinstated for next yearDavid Hearle proposed and Liz Berg seconded

6.       What do you want from your Jewish Community in terms of services and social functions

a.      Visit to other communitiesb.      Matzo picnic

c.      Theatre/Movie trips possibly sing along Jazz Singer

d.      Visiting student Rabbi’s

e.      Kosher Kernow event

f.        Helston Cottage Hospital Multi-faith Ceremony of Remembrance

Any other business:

a.      Liz Berg registered her appreciation for when she sat Shiva for her mother.

b.      Anthony thanked Harvey for his continued hard work as Chairman.

7.       Next Annual General Meeting   15 November 2015 Owl Cottage Pendponds. Unanimously agreed