2011 AGM

Kehillat Kernow 2011 Annual General Meeting

Held on 27 November 2011


Leslie Lipert, Pat Lipert, Harvey Kurzfield, Rachel Brown (Secretary), Adam Feldman, Louise Garcia, Bonnie Rockley, Anne Hearle,  Tiny Daly, Estelle Moses, Babs Colman, Jacqueline Kurzfield.


Iain Brown, David Hearle (arrived towards the end), Ingrid Savir, Gay Jewell, Barbara Graham Collier, Jacqui Ricketts.

 Minutes Actions
  1. Welcome read by Chairman
  1. Minutes of the last AGM read by Harvey
  1. Matters arising
    1. none
  1. Committee Reports (Summary)
  1. Vice Chairs report (Bonnie Rockley)

Bonnie reported that she has been ill but the parents have been brilliant in taking over and helping out.

Hanukah Party 24/12/2011- Please let Bonnie know if extras are coming.

Thanks to Rosie Brown for supporting the Cheder in Bonnie’s absence.

  1. Treasurers report (Leslie Lipert)

Report distributed with the agenda- a full copy will be held on file

Total amount in both accounts at moment £46948.47

Leslie will be applying for Gift aid in April

  1. Library (Pat Lipert)

Full report held on file.

The library collection is now 815, 46 new additions made this year.

All items(each annotated) can be viewed on the KK web-site library

  1. Communications (Jacquie Rickett)

Jacquie was absent from the meeting.

  1. Amendments to the constitution from
    1. The congregation shall be called The Cornwall Jewish Community- Kehillat Kernow to The Congregation should be called Kehillat Kernow (The Jewish Community of Cornwall)
Unanimously accepted
  1. All current committee members reinstated for next year
    1. Estelle proposed that the officers have been doing a brilliant job.
Unanimously agreed
  1. What do you want from your Jewish Community in terms of services and social functions
    1. Estelle proposed a Purim party such as a casino night
    2. A Shul outing was discussed Cheltenham race course was discussed.
    3. Cinema sing-a-long
  1. Louise suggested a group walk for Tubishvat Sunday 12 February 2:00 Rachel proposed David Hearle lead a walk and talk about the trees
  1. Pesach picnic- chol hamoed Monday 9/4/2012
  1. Discussed weekend shabbaton with Limmud style discussions

Rachel to enquire about Jazz singer or Yentl

Anne Hearle and David to organize

Adam Feldman

  1. Membership numbers
    1. Rachel proposed an open day in conjunction with the West Briton
    2. Discussed phoning members just to say hello
    3. Bring a friend shabbos in conjunction with walks
    4. Discussed timings of service and length of service-agreed to start on time and make an effort to keep services shorter
  1. A.O.B.
    1. Breaking fast-Anne Hearle felt the food was too rich and we should tone down the menu next year.

Next AGM 18 November 2012