View from Netanya

ELKAN’S VIEW 29th April 2015

Israel is a Jewish state which means that sometimes there are Jewish ways around problems. I got caught in Jerusalem some years ago doing something in the traffic that I most certainly should not have been doing. An unnoticed policeman waved me over, so I tried the usual ploy of claiming that my Hebrew wasn’t good but he spoke excellent English. The policeman explained what I shouldn’t have done, fined me 250 Shekels, said that since it was almost Rosh Hashanah he wouldn’t give me any points, and wished me a Shanah Tovah which I heartily reciprocated!

Sometimes things do seem to get out of hand. I parked free outside my son’s flat in Tel Aviv for the first day of Pesach. Later on the Saturday night -Second Seder outside Israel – I came out to find I had got ticket, issued at 8.50 pm, for parking in an area reserved for local residents.

As I left Netanya this week I received my demand for car tax for NIS1826 – just over GBP300 – which is a little steep considering I drive a hybrid. I have to pay the bill and then wait for another demand through the post which shows that the bill has been paid. I then take that and the car for its MOT, which will be another GBP60, and seems to involve a great deal of duplicate paperwork.

Often Israeli systems can be very efficient. I went to visit a friend in the gigantic Tel Hashomer hospital this week. When I came to leave I had lost my parking ticket and expected problems. Not at all! The voice at the other end of the machine asked me my registration number, told me exact l when I had come in, the machine issued me a replacement ticket, and I was on my way for the standard price.

And when I got to the airport this week, Cellcom sent me a text asking if I had remembered my passport and boarding card!

Pesach in Cornwall

Enjoy a traditional service and super seder in an idyllic setting in Cornwall if you are in the Southwest for Friday night, 3rd April at 6:30pm at Trelissick Gardens.

One of the highlights of the year, Kehillat Kernow, the Jewish community of Cornwall is delighted to welcome visitors to their seder and reading of the Haggadah at this beautiful festival held at a beautiful National Trust site. Both Ashkenazi and Shephardi food will be served.

Tickets are available by contacting the event’s organiser, Mrs. Anne Hearle at 01736-731686.

Jewish Community in Cornwall